• Reverend Dan Stork Banks

The Thank God Its Monday Show

Four years ago I designed a question and answer channel for YouTube & Facebook where people who wouldn't normally go to church, could ask local clergy their questions about God and life in general, from the safety of their computers. It was a great success locally. Episode 10 is the town of Market Drayton in Shropshire broadcasting the episode of Songs of Praise that we were on. Episode 11 is our episode which Songs of Praise filmed. In fact, they were pointing their cameras at us while we were pointing ours at them which was a rather odd experience. Anyway, I was much younger. In the first episode (which we called a "prequel" as the first episodes were really tests) I had only been ordained about a month and I have changed a lot since then. Often my answers would not necessarily be what I would say today, but I share it because it is something to watch that many people enjoyed the shows at the time ( my colleagues were great and they really made the show special)... ENJOY!

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