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About Us

“By 2024, we aim to be a confident, united, and above average sized community of Christians made up of all age groups offering beautiful worship, biblical teaching, and transformative spirituality guided by the liturgical year. Hospitality, unity of vision and personal holiness will embody our culture, and new leaders will be raised.

The world is changing, and our systems, procedures and knowledge must keep up with the times so that we can adapt to future risks, benefit from new opportunities and secure the continuity of parish worship for generations to come.”

Our Vision 

Our Mission

1. Loving God in regular worship.
2. Enjoying one another in fellowship.

3. Becoming like Christ as His disciples.

4. Serving our two churches and parish sacrificially.

5. Sharing Christ passionately through evangelism.

6. Promoting our Anglican witness across the parish and beyond.

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